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[ REQ 5163]: Question regarding external module


I was wondering if you could help me with some questions I had regarding
external module setup in Geomview.

I am running an optimization program which changes the object at every 
iteration. I am dumping the data into .off and .vect files . After the
program converges, I load these files into Geomview and see the objects
(which look great, btw).

Now I wanted to put my executable as an external module in Geomview. I read
Ch. 6 of the manual, and I still have a few problems. These are:

1) When I run my program (without Geomview) , I give two command line
arguments to my executable. These two arguments are the names of the input data
files which the program reads. The program can be run for different input 
files. So my question is:

	How do I handle this in the emodule-define... command?

e.g. I run the program bu typing..  mpm file1 file2
where mpm is the executable name.

2) Can Geomview read data from only the standard output of the external
module. Can't I read data from the .off and .vect files in which I dump 'em?

And if I can read it only from standard output, can I print stuff other than
what Geomview needs at the standard output, like iteration number, variable 
values, etc?

3) Can only executable files be used as external modules? Can I use the .off
and .vect files as external modules? In other words, is it possible that 
when I invoke Geomview, I don't have to load these data files, rather they are
are already there and I have to just click on a particular file to display it?

Thanks a lot for your help. Geomview has really been of great help to me.

Shailendra Gupta.


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