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If you are using the SGI version of Geomview, you can use the
labeler, a tool which creates nice looking test objects given a
text string and a Postscript font. You can get it via anonymous
ftp from ftp.geom.umn.edu in the
/pub/software/geomview/newpieces/sgi directory. You can get
either the binary distribution, labeler-sgi.tar.Z, or the source
distribution, labeler-src.tar.Z. The external module version of
this tool only runs on SGIs (it uses the FORMS interface
library). The core program should run on other machines that have
Display Postscript extension for X. The text produced is high
quality, but the large number of polygons used slows down

Another option is to use a file of ready-made letter geometries,
alphabet.vect. This defines each letter as a handle to a few
vectors. Geomview can handle quite a bit of this text in the
scene before slowing down. Instructions for using this file are
in a comment at the start of the file.

If you don't need the text to be a 3D object in the scene, you
can create a image or postscript file of the scene (see previous
question) and then use an image editor such as Showcase,
Illustrator, or XPaint to annotate it with text.

Tim Rowley  --  trowley at geom.umn.edu  --  "Do or do not, there is no try."

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