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Re: [Update REQ 5467]: startup problems... TCP?

: > After installation, etc I get the following error message-->
: > 
: > --
: > dgl error (TCP connect): Connection refused
: > dgl error (default init): default dglopen(simxt1:0.0,4) returned -127
: > --
: > 
: > any clues?
: > 
: > Kai
: > ___________________________________________________________________________
: > 

: Hello Kai,
: It's not clear what software you are referring to in your message. We
: have many different software packages available. However, I'm assuming you
: refer to Geomview. Am I correct? If so, it seems you are probably
: trying to use the SGI version. There are two possible things that
: might be causing your problem.
: 1.) You are trying to start up the SGI version with your $DISPLAY
: environment variable set to point to an X11 display on a non-SGI
: machine. This will probably not work because you need to have the
: distributed GL extension running on your X11 server and it is mostly
: only available on SGIs.
: 2.) You are trying to run Geomview under Irix 6.x. We've heard of
: problems when people try to do this, and right now there is no real
: work around. You'll have to wait for the OpenGL version to be
: released.
: Does this answer your question?
: Daeron

Yes, I am trying to use an SGI running to an x11 display terminal.
(And yes, I am trying to set up Geomview.)  What binary should I grab?

Thank you very much for the quick response!  


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