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Re: [Update REQ 6635]: oogl.m for PC

Thanks for your response.  I've forgot to mention in my email
(regarding converting Mathematica ver3 (Win95) graphic objects
to Geomview (Linux platform) OOGL format using oogl.m)
that I've read through the Geomview manual and your website.

Apparently, WriteChunk command needs to have OOGL.m loaded in
Mathematica in order to work, which brought me the original 
problem of not having an OOGL.m compiled for Windows95.

Not knowing much about programming, these are some of the
other things I've tried:
1. transfer Mathematica graphics obj file from Win95 to Linux,
   and then invoked:  math2oogl < Mmafile > new.oogl  but
   math2oogl refused to run saying, "unexpected ... encountered"
2. Since OOGL.m is not loaded in Mathematica, both WriteOOGL
   and WriteChunk refused to work.

If there are plans to have OOGL.m ported to Windows95, or if
there are other suggestions, I'd be very appreciative.  Thank
you again for your help.

Alto Benedicto

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Stuart Levy wrote:

> From: Stuart Levy <slevy at geom.umn.edu>
> Message-Id: <199807221956.OAA03570 at bonnet.geom.umn.edu>
> Subject: Re: [ REQ 6635]: oogl.m for PC
> To: software@geom.umn.edu
> Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 14:56:28 -0500 (CDT)
> Not sure -- we don't have a Windows copy of Mathematica to try this on --
> but this may work.
> However, you should be able to say
>   WriteChunk[ filename, graphicsobject ]
> The data written to "filename" is intended to be read by math2oogl,
> which should be included in teh Linux geomview distribution.  So you
> could ship that file to the Linux box and try
>   math2oogl filename > filename.oogl
>   geomview filename.oogl
> (or even
>   math2oogl filename | togeomview -g
> )
> A cooler possibility (though one less likely to work):
> WriteOOGL[] in OOGL.m invokes a small C program, math2oogl, to do the final
> step in the translation (since it's much faster than it would be in
> Mathematica code).  That program isn't present in Windows.
> (Concevably you could fetch the geomview source distribution, try compiling it
> as a DOS-mode program and put it somewhere on the DOS path as set in
> \autoexec.bat.  If Mathematica for Windows accepts stuff like
> OpenWrite[filehandle, "! math2oogl > filename"], then this has a chance.)
>   Stuart Levy
> state: closed

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