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[ REQ 6689]: Another addition to my install problem for orrery in geomview

To: software@geom.umn.edu
Subject: Another addition to my install problem for orrery in geomview

I think I am clearer on what actually is happening now. I downloaded
the Stagetools and installed them to use as an example. I got the
stagetools to appear in the external module list window and then
went on the read what happened. It seems that the installtools file
puts the infoe in the .geomview file letting emodule know what to
put in the external module window; but what I did not know is that it
appended to the .geomview file in the root subdirectory. I thought it
was appending to the geomview file in the geomview distribution
subdirectory. So I had /root/.geomview instead of
/DOS/dos/geomview/.geomview. When I put the name of the orrery file
in the root/.geomview file then it showed on the external module list
in the window.
But still I have never gotten the orrery to run. I tried running it
manually. I tried ./orrery.ele for the quick version and then
./orrery in the src/bin/orrery for the long version. I guess I still
am doing something wrong. I know that the orrery.ele file is the one
suggested to the run to start the program so I know something else
is wrong somewhere. I have the tcl/tk installed and I could get some
of the orrery images to appear by running them in the geomview 
individually but the base program will not start. Do I need to install
anything else. I am running linux 5.2 so everything should be a
late enough version. What do I do now? Thanks again JohnH

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