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[ REQ 6901]: Subversions - the new CVS server

[Summary: The new CVS server, subversions.gnu.org, is now
          fully functional.  Speak with cvs-hackers at gnu.org
          if you want to use it.]

                       In the year of our Lord, 1999
                       Webmaster Jonas transcribing

Once upon a time, in the GNU land (sorry), there was seen a
need for a new server to rule over the versions and subversions
of the various projects that the loyal inhabitants worked on.
And so it came to pass that a recent server donation to the
land was put to work.

A long time did the servants of the country work on the server
whilst the cries from the people echoed around the world.
"Give us a new CVS server!" they shouted, and the servants
came upon them and said; "Thank you for calling AT&T Direct"
And so it was seen that the telephone companies had finally been
betrayed by their trust in proprietary software.

And the people said; "Give us now a new server so that we may
work to improve the switchboards and the software and all that
which makes the phone company work!"

Having worked many nights and many days, the servants then told
them "Lo! The new CVS server is ready, and the ones who maintain
it shall be known as the CVS hackers and by cvs-hackers at gnu.org
shall they be called."

And there were much rejoicing and the people did feast on
strawberries, pineapples, pizza, cola and beer. And the rest,
as they say, is history. Or will be history. Or rather, will
have become history when you read this, unless you're reading
over my shoulder, in which case history has yet to be written,
together with lots of free software.

Happy hacking!

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