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[Update REQ 6930]: GeomView

> First, thanks for providing Geomview to the computing world. I'm
> using it for an engineering application that involves plotting currents
> flows on 3-dimensional objects, the surface currents vary in space
> and time.

Thanks for the positive feedback :)

> Your manual got me through and I am now plotting the time varying currents, 
> however I am having a problem with my next step. The 3-d body is actually
> in parts. I need to manipulate these parts seperately. If they are created
> as seperate targets (by seperate external modules) they seem to not be 
> spatial coincident (Origins not coincident). I see ways they might
> be kept in time syncrony (In what order are multiple modules served?).

Try turning off normalization by hitting the keystrokes '0N' in the
camera window, or by opening the Appearance panel and clicking on the
"None" line of the Normalization control box. If that fixes things,
then turn this on by default by putting the line

 (normalization allgeoms none)

in a file called ".geomview" in your home directory.

> Is there is a way to enter seperably manipulable Geometric Objects from a
> single External Module?

Yes, that's also possible. When you load geometry you can
give an explicit name to each object. For instance:

(geometry thing1 { QUAD 
-1 -1 0 
1 -1 0
1 1 0
-1 1 0

(geometry thing2 {SPHERE 1 0 0 0})

It doesn't matter whether these geometry commands all come from a
single external module or from different modules. This is a totally
orthogonal issue to the normalization question. (Or it's possible I
didn't fully understand your question.)

Hope this helps,

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