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Re: geomview

  • To: Elisha Sacks <eps at Princeton.EDU>
  • Subject: Re: geomview
  • From: slevy
  • Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 11:11:17 -0500

> From eps at Princeton.EDU Fri Jun 12 09:43:11 1992
> Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 10:43:04 -0400
> From: Elisha Sacks <eps at Princeton.EDU>
> To: slevy at geom
> Subject: geomview
> Hi,
> I got it working.  There was a bad path in one of the Makefiles, which pointed
> to the gcg directory (or some such).  However, the snapshot function appears
> broken.  When I take a snapshot, I get a blank image.  
> elisha.

That's great!  You found the source of the _us_rsthread_stdio undefined
business?  Could you tell me what you had to change?
[I just scanned the geomview.tar.Z distribution file and didn't see any
gcg-related paths in Makefiles, so I'm curious what's going on.]

Could you describe the problem with snapshot?  I just tried
	(snapshot c0 /usr/tmp/image)
(i.e. put the contents of camera 0 in /usr/tmp/image)
and it seemed to work fine: ipaste /usr/tmp/image displayed the same thing
the geomview window had shown.  Snapshot just uses the SGI "scrsave" program
to grab the area of screen where the window is.  How blank is the image --
does it look as though it was a copy of the screen background (i.e.
as if the wrong part of the screen was grabbed) or is there no image file
at all, or what?


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