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3D imaging


	We are part of a group at Howard University that is doing an  
investigation entailing computer vision and medical image processing. 

 Our research is focused on image reconstruciton and enhancement.  

Our intentions are to develop a method to combine data planes from
 three-dimensional modalities through image acquisition.  We are 

interested in finding some software packages that nurture 

three-dimensional data for visualization applications.

	We have generated several two-dimensional images through 

C programming so that they may be rendered via their ascii data.  

Conversion tools are available to us through the Utah Raster Toolkit, 

Khoros, and PBMPlus (rle, pbm, pgm, ppm, viff, tiff, etc.).  

The images that we have are actually slices of  a single 

three-dimensional image. We would like to combine these slices 

in order to render a single three-dimensional image which can be 

viewed on a Sun or an alliant workstation.

	A stand alone software package that runs under the
Unix platform will be perfect because the PHIGS package on 

our alliant supercomputer is not working.  We would greatly 

appreaciate any information that could help lead us to our 

desired goal.

		Also, I have a copy of marching cubes, but I can not
		locate a algorithm which display the output data from
		marching cubes.

		johnny at comserc.howard.edu (Johnny Walker)
		hu2116 at comserc.howard.edu ( Angela R. Williams)

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