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Publications on Geomview/OOGL, etc.

> I am a user of geomview-1.2.3 for viewing 
> 3D Finite Element Meshes and Results,
> and am writing external modules
> (FEMeshView and FEContourView) to the geomview.
> At this moment, I plan to write papers/reports on the
> research issues. Is there any one who could provide a list 
> of references on Geomview/OOGL (except Geomview Manual)?
> I am glad to learn that the binary code of new version
> geomview (version 1.4) is ready. And I would like to know
> how and when the source format will be available.

Do you mean a list of published articles which mention Geomview, or
are you asking for more documentation on Geomview itself?

As for the former, there is an article in this month's (October '93)
Notices of the AMS about Geomview.  I believe that there have been
other articles published that mention Geomview but I do not have a
list of them right now.

As for Geomview documentation, everything we have comes with Geomview,
except the new manual, which you can get in the "pub/geomview/pieces"
directory of our ftp directory if you don't have it already.

I can try to provide a more complete answer if you let me know more
specifically what you're looking for.

We're working on a source release; it should be ready soon.  We'll let
you know when it is.

Mark Phillips
Geometry Center

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