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[mfc: workshop]

Thought this might be interesting to somebody...


From: Michael Cohen <mfc>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 15:50:04 -0500
To: glab
Subject: workshop

>From Michael.Gleicher at HOSTESS.GRAPHICS.CS.CMU.EDU Tue Jan 11 15:31:57 1994
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 15:07:26 EST
From: Michael.Gleicher at HOSTESS.GRAPHICS.CS.CMU.EDU
Subject: Workshop on the Challenges of 3D Interaction (CHI)


                Workshop on the Challenges of 3D Interaction
                           CHI '94, Boston, Mass.
             April 24-25, 1994 (2 days prior to main conference)

        Kenneth Herndon, Brown University
        Andries van Dam, Brown University
        Michael Gleicher, Carnegie Mellon University

Challenges of 3D interaction and 3D user interfaces, including design
considerations, implementation and evaluation; Tools for designing and
building 3D interfaces.

The primary goal of this workshop is to help define principles and
techniques for the design, implementation and evaluation of future 3D
user interfaces.  These interfaces must address many challenges
arising from such sources as users' perceptual and cognitive skills
and abilities, limitations of currently available input and output
devices, the nature of 3D tasks and the variety of implementation
strategies and development environments.

This workshop will explore these challenges so that we can more
effectively design, implement, and evaluate new user interfaces,
appraise the tools used to build 3D interfaces, and identify key areas
of research.  To discuss these challenges in adequate depth will
require diverse expertise among the participants of this workshop.  We
therefore hope to gather researchers from many disciplines to discuss
the following topics:

  + Challenges in the design and evaluation of 3D interfaces:
     What makes 3D interfaces difficult?  Are they intrinsically harder to 
     design than 2D ones?  What characteristics must 3D interfaces have to
     exploit the perceptual and spatial reasoning skills of users?  How
     should we evaluate the usability of 3D interfaces?  Do virtual and
     augmented-reality applications provide any opportunities or challenges
     different from conventional desktop 3D applications?

  + Challenges in specifying and constructing 3D interfaces:
     How do the strategies used for constructing 2D interfaces apply in 3D?
     How do they fail?  How can the expertise of other disciplines such as
     industrial design apply?  What kinds of tools and environments can
     help the process?

  + The current state of the art in 3D interfaces:}
     What is the state of the art today?  What challenges were encountered
     in creating these interfaces?  How well do current interfaces meet the
     challenges above?  What common denominators are emerging?

  + The future of 3D interface technology:}
     How can we create better 3D interfaces?  What can we do to make the
     design, implementation and evaluation of 3D interfaces easier?


The first day of the workshop will be devoted to discussing 3D user
interfaces from a user's point of view.  Participants will present
research work relating to this theme for 10-15 minutes.  Presentations
will be followed by short question-and-answer periods, but in-depth
discussion will be postponed until all have had an opportunity to
speak.  After all the presentations, we will discuss the salient
issues concerning the challenges of 3D interfaces outlined above.  We
will then attempt to identify some principles and define research
topics for 3D user interface design.

The second day of the workshop will focus on 3D user interfaces from
the implementer's point of view.  The same format as the first day
will be followed in order to provide an opportunity to discuss and
critique one another's other's work.  We will attempt to identify
commonalities among the approaches to designing and implementing the
various user interfaces presented, and aim to propose a set of
research topics and a more standardized methodology for continuing to
explore the field.  Not all participants are expected to present both

We hope to have 15 to 20 participants so that everyone has a chance to
present their ideas and have an adequate discussion of them.


Participants are requested to submit a short (3-5 page) position
statement describing your relevant experience with 3D interfaces and
what you would present at the workshop.

Send 3 copies of the statement to:
        Prof. Andries van Dam
        Department of Computer Science
        Box 1910
        115 Waterman Street, 4th Floor
        Brown University
        Providence, RI 02912

Submissions must be recieved by February 18, 1994. Please include your email
address (even though we cannot accept submissions by email).


February 18 - submit 3 copies of a position statement to Andries van Dam

March 4 - notification of acceptance

March 18 - acceptance of invitations 

April 24-25 - CHI 94 Workshop on the Challenges of 3D Interaction

For more information contact:

        Michael Gleicher        (gleicher at cs.cmu.edu)
        Andries van Dam         (avd at cs.brown.edu)

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