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Sets of points and solid edges with OOGL

  • To: software
  • Subject: Sets of points and solid edges with OOGL
  • From: durand
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jan 94 16:46:11 -0600

I want to visualize a set of 3D points and the edges of a projected 5-cube  
using geomview;  this has to do with creating a nice picture for the Center's  
entrance regarding Penrose tilings.  My main concern is rendering a nice  

Right now I generate a VECT file using a small modification to the QuasiTiler  
program; for the points I use one vertex for each line, and then use use a line  
width of 3 or 4; for the edges I use 2 vertices for each.  The disadvantages of  
this are:
  - The perception of depth is lost by using points and lines of fixed size.
  - Changing the line width is not implemented on the NeXT version of geomview.
    Since I am taking the time to do this, I want to add this as a feature of
    the program QuasiTiler, which is only implemented on the NeXT.

I would like to be able to display at least 250 points, but preferably 1000  
points.  Is using spheres or cubes a good idea?  If so, what is the best way of  
doing it?  For the edges I would like to have something that looks like the  
scene of NotKnot in the Center's poster.  Any suggestions?


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