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Re: help

> Hi
> I was trying to download geomview through mosaic.
> I went to the  "visualization software" page and downloaded the binary file for SGIs and the source file . Since my disc quota was exceeding, I placed them in /tmp directory.
> The next instruction line in "Setting up Geomview" says to modify t/usr/local/lib/mosaiche ".mailcap" file, but I can't locate this file in the directory mentioned (/usr/local/lib/mosaic). Actually, there is no mosaic in /usr/local/lib ). So I cannot proc> eed.

The instructions you read were for hooking up Geomview as an external viewer to Mosaic. Geomview is,
by itself, a complete program and can run without needing to be configured for Mosaic. If you do want
to use it with Mosaic as an external viewer then you need to do the following:

1. Install Geomview on your system or have your system administrator do this. Putting Geomview in
	the /tmp directory is probably a bad idea as it might then be deleted if your system is
	rebooted. You should find a more permanent location for it.

2. Modify or create (if it doesn't exist) the .mailcap file in your home directory. Let us say,
	or example, you have the following path for Geomview: /usr/local/bin/geomview
	The line you would need to add to your .mailcap should look like this.

  object/x-oogl; /usr/local/bin/geomview -nopanels %s

Here is an example .mailcap file for an SGI:

-------------------------------- CUT HERE ------------------------------

# This maps all types of audio data (audio/basic, audio/x-aiff,
# etc.) to the viewer 'showaudio'.  Note that '%s' means 'put the
# datafile name here when the viewer is executed'.

audio/*; sfplay %s

# This maps all types of images (image/gif, image/jpeg, etc.)
# to the viewer 'xv'.

image/*; xv %s

# This maps MPEG video data to the viewer 'mpeg_play'.

video/mpeg; mpeg_play %s

# This maps all types of video *other than MPEG* to the viewer
# 'genericmovie'.
# video/*; genericmovie %s

application/postscript; ghostview %s
application/x-dvi; xdvi %s
object/x-oogl; geomview -nopanels %s

-------------------------------- CUT HERE ------------------------------

> I would like very much to be able to run geomview on my system, as it appears to be exactly what I need. How can I get a copy of the manual ? I downloaded one but its in binary format. I would like a hard copy. Also, how should I organise the geonview fil> es and directories, and how do I compile them ?

To get the manual:

% <TYPE> ftp ftp.geom.umn.edu
Connected to cameron.geom.umn.edu.
220 cameron FTP server (Version 5.103 Fri Nov 19 23:03:02 CST 1993) ready.
Name (ftp.geom.umn.edu:yourname): <TYPE> anonymous
331 For password please enter your e-mail address or name and institution.
Password: <TYPE> your at emailaddress
230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> <TYPE> bin
200 Type set to I.
ftp> <TYPE> cd /pub/software/geomview/pieces
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> <TYPE> get manual.tar.Z
ftp> <TYPE> quit
221 Goodbye.
% <TYPE> zcat manual.tar.Z | tar xf -
% <TYPE> cd Geomview/doc
% <TYPE> lpr geomview.ps

This should print out a postscript copy of the geomview manual if you have a printer.
Or, if you would like a bound copy of the manual mailed to you just contact us and give us
your mailing address.

If you downloaded Geomview via Mosaic and store it in "geomviewfilename", you should be
able to do the following to install it.

1. Create a home directory for geomview ... for instance /usr/home/geomview
2. cd to te directory with the geomview tar file in it and type.

% tar xvf geomviewfilename

4. This should create a Geomview/ subdirectory with all the important Geomview files in it.
   The file Geomview/INSTALL will tell you how to install the geomview file into the home
   directory you've created for it.

Hope this helps,

daeron at geom.umn.edu

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      • From: Shailendra Gupta <sgupta at umbc.edu>
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