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Geomview problem

  • To: nde at dcre.leeds.ac.uk
  • Subject: Geomview problem
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Fri, 3 Jun 94 08:37:00 -0500
  • In-Reply-To: Nick Efford's message of Fri, 3 Jun 1994 10:58:08 +0100 <9406031058.ZM1982 at dcre>

> I'm experiencing a strange problem with Geomview. The software has been
> installed using the supplied script, in a special user account that's
> been set up for such things. When I'm logged into this account, Geomview
> runs without problems. When I'm logged into my own account, Geomview
> runs but no modules are available (the "Modules" box in the main window
> is empty).

Hmm.  This indeed sounds strange.  Since it works from one account and
not from another, I'm inclined to think that the problem has to do
with some subtle difference betweent the accounts.

Everything is supposed to hinge on the setting of the GEOMROOT
variable near the top of the "geomview" shell script.  The "install"
script edits this file to set GEOMROOT for you, based on your answer
to the first question it asks.  It should be the ABSOLUTE pathname of
the directory where Geomview resides.  In particular, in order for
Geomview to be able to find its modules, the "modules" subdirectory
must be in the GEOMROOT directory.

Could it be that you specified the GEOMROOT path in terms of something
relative, such as ".", "~", or an environment variable that is different
for different accounts on your system?

If you're sure that the GEOMROOT setting is correct and things still
don't work, send me a copy of your "geomview" script and the
"install.log" file that was created when you ran the "install" script,
and I'll see if I can get a better idea of the problem.


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