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Geomview for X, 1.4.2 beta on rs6000

Dear recipient of this message,

I have just compiled and installed  Geomview for X, 1.4.2 beta on my group's
IBM RS/6000 model 530.

The good news: 
  When I type "geomview" I am greated with three windows titled "Geomview",
  "Camera" and "Tools" which largely work.  For example I can execute the
  external module "Clock" and use the tools to rotate the clock.

The bad news:
  When I try to load some of the files in the subdir "data/geom" I get
  fatal run-time errors such as "Segmentation fault" or (ocassionally)
  "Trace/BPT trap" or "Illegal instruction". 

  Examples: "geomview square.quad" flashes the windows up and then quits
  with the error "Segmentation fault".  "geomview dodec.quad" just did the
  same but with the error "Illegal instruction".  Loading these with the
  "Open" command in the "File" menu of the "Geomview" window crashes
  geomview with one of the 3 error messages I mentioned.  In general, the
  method of opening (either from command line or menu) does not seem to
  effect the outcome.

  Here's a list of files I've tried to open:
      abstr.off      Crashes
      antoine0.oogl  works
      antoine1.oogl  works
      antoine2.oogl  works
      antoine3.oogl  works
      axes.list      works
      br4fd.list     Crashes
      jungle.list    works
      ref.list       Crashes
      ref2.list      Crashes
      csquare.quad   Crashes
      dodec.quad     Crashes
      icosa.quad     Crashes
      nsquare.quad   Crashes
      square.quad    Crashes

  My main interest in X Geomview is for interfacing with Evolver 1.95.
  If I already have a surface loaded in Evolver and use the "P" option
  to pick "Start simultaneous geomview" the geomview windows flash up
  and disappear.  However, if do the same with no surface in Evolver,
  geomview doesn't crash until I load a surface into Evolver.

  I'm guessing that this is another manifestation of whatever bug is
  cropping up in loading from files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I think X Geomview will be very useful
in my research.  Please let me know if I can provide any other relevant
information on the problems I've been having.  Being new to geomview,
I fear I may have neglected to report something crucial for debugging.

Thanks in advance,
Steve Townsend
townsend at msc.cornell.edu


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