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Re: Geomview-Bug???

  • To: slevy at geom
  • Subject: Re: Geomview-Bug???
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 1994 19:21:11 +0200 (MES)
  • In-Reply-To: <9407061608.AA22258 at hilbert.geom.umn.edu> from "slevy at geom.umn.edu" at Jul 6, 94 11:08:33 am

According to slevy at geom.umn.edu:
> Hi.  The simple answer is, We don't know.  A couple of other people have
> reported similar-sounding problems to yours, but it doesn't happen on any
> machine we've been able to use, so we're at a loss.
> Curious -- what type of graphics do you have?  I see the mail sent with
> your registration says that /bin/hinv calls your graphics board an "LG1".
> Is that the 8-bit basic graphics?  (If so, we've got one R3000 Indigo with
> similar configuration, but geomview works as usual on that.)
> Could you check to see whether that behaves any differently?

Some weeks ago, I mailed you because of the unattractive appearance
of geomview 1.4.2 on our Indigos with 8-bit graphics. We solved the
problem now! 

Yesterday we upgraded from IRIX 4.0.5H to IRIX 5.2 and -surprise,
surprise - Geomview works perfectly on our Indigos, even with the 8-bit
basic graphics. Of course, working on the Indigo 2 is more fun, but thats
a different question....

Thanks again,



Martin Kraus                 |  kraus at iff143.iff.kfa-juelich.de
IFF - KFA                    |  Muenchener Str. 5
52425 Juelich, GERMANY       |  52428 Juelich, GERMANY
02461 - 616131 (neu!!)       |  02461 - 55468      

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