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[ REQ 5485]: Geomview problem & comment

Dear Geometry Center people,

  I have been using your Geomview program (V. 1.5) and find it very nice. I have
one problem to report and one comment.

   I am running on a DEC Alpha, using OSF/1 3.2. I originally loaded the
alpha binary, but have since compiled the geomview source code and get the
same result. The problem is that trying to load some of the .mesh objects 
in the data directory causes a segmentation fault and the program crashes. 
Sinewave.mesh is OK but sphere.mesh causes the crash. This is not really a 
problem for me because I don't need to use mesh objects, but I thought you 
might like to know (if you don't already).

  The comment is that I have added a command line option to reduce the number
of colors allocated by geomview. I have geomview calling an external module
that wants to allocate colors and was unable to get them because there were
not enough left free. Of course I could have started the other program first,
but I thought it would be nicer to allow geomview to use fewer colors. So I
have added an option -ccube #, where # is the starting value for the variable
colorlevels, which originally always started at 6. Possibly this option might
be useful to other people.

   Marian Szebenyi
   dms35 at cornell.edu
   MacCHESS, Cornell University

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