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Re: Porting_Geomview_to_SunSparcZX+NPGL

You can now get the full FORMS 2.0 source, with our extensions including the
colorwheel object, from geom.umn.edu under pub/software/forms-2.0+.all.tar.Z.
(You don't want forms-2.0+.tar.Z without the "all", since that only contains
patches against the original source.)

Please let us know (software@geom.umn.edu at least) how your port goes;
this might be a real test of NPGL.  I'd also be interested to hear how
well it performs.

> From yigong at mathcs.emory.edu Sun Jan 30 23:08:17 1994
> Date: Mon, 31 Jan 94 00:06:38 -0500
> From: yigong at mathcs.emory.edu (Yigong Liu (grad stu))
> To: geomview-users at geom
> Subject: Porting_Geomview_to_SunSparcZX+NPGL
> hi, i am a graduate student at Emory University. As a project assignment, i
> am porting Geomview to a SunSparc10ZX with NPGL ( a version of iris GL on 
> Sun by Portable Graphics, Inc. ). ...  i found that the original libform.a
> doesn't work. i get a copy of FORMS-2.0-PATCHES from
> glaurung.physics.mcgill.ca but it does'nt work too. I got the following errors:
> fl_add_colorwheel                   panel.o
> fl_set_colorwheel                   crayola.main.o
> fl_get_colorwheel_intensity         crayola.main.o
> fl_set_colorwheel_alpha             crayola.main.o
> fl_set_colorwheel_intensity         crayola.main.o
> fl_get_colorwheel                   crayola.main.o
> can anyone tell me where i can get a libform.a on Sun from geom.umn.edu?
> Any other suggestions about porting Geomview to Sun with NPGL will be
> very appreciated.
> thanx
> yigong

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