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Re: question on using geomview

> Hi,
> My question is with regards to X-Geomview which I am running under Sun4.  
> I have a manual for version 1.4.1, but some of the commands don't seem
> to be compatible.  For instance, I would like to position my camera
> window when I start up geomview and the manual suggests:
> 		geomview -wpos width,height[@xmin,ymin]
> I type the following:
> 		geomview -wpos 300,300 at 100,100
> and I get a 300x300 camera window but it ignores the position specified.
> I also need to be able to open a new camera window which contains
> no previous geometries.  I have tried this from the commands panel
> using "load" and "camera" with no luck.  It seems that once there is
> a geometry loaded in the camera window, all subsequent windows have
> this same geometry object.  
> I am also not able to control the position of the camera window.  I
> have tried using the gcl command "(window Camera {position ... })" and
> nothing happens.
> I would appreciate some pointers.  Thanks.
> Aggie Sun
> aggies at cs.umr.edu

Hello Aggie,

  First, thank you for reporting the camera positioning bugs. We are already
aware that these bugs exist in the X11 beta version of Geomview. If you look
at the README.x11 file which comes with the Geomview distribution you will
get a list of these plus other known bugs in the X version. We are currently
working on fixing these bugs in preparation for releasing the next version
of the program. However, if you happen to have access to an SGI workstation
you could download and use a non-beta version of Geomview (this is the
version that the manual was originally written for).

  Also, one of the problems you mentioned was not a bug. Geomview will only
let you look at one "world" of objects at a time. By opening another camera
window, you will not be creating a new world, but rather, opening a portal on
the same world. This is true in all versions of Geomview.

I hope this answered your questions. Feel free to write us if you have any
more questions or if you discover any bugs not reported in the README.x11 file.

Daeron Meyer

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