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[G.Cardew at sheffield.ac.uk: Re: GEOMVIEW package]

  • To: software
  • Subject: [G.Cardew at sheffield.ac.uk: Re: GEOMVIEW package]
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Tue, 5 Jul 94 13:35:11 -0500

Forwarding to software@geom for the record.  I'll respond to this in
next message.

From: George Cardew <G.Cardew at sheffield.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: GEOMVIEW package
To: mbp at geom
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 9:03:51 BST
In-Reply-To: <9406142216.AA04921 at artin.geom.umn.edu>; from "mbp at geom.umn.edu" at Jun 14, 94 5:16 pm
X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.3 PL11]

> > ... realised that I cannot run it on our systems here in Sheffield . Ie : on 
> > Unix workstations running Openwindows Or on PC's . The reason being that
> > I dont have this 'NextStep' environment . It was stated in May 94 that ...
> The X windows version of Geomview should run on a Sun running
> OpenWindows.  It's very preliminary and has some problems, but is
> usable for viewing simple objects.  We're working on refining it, and
> a better version should be available sometime in the fall.
> If you want to try the current version, it's in the file
>    pub/software/geomview/geomview-1.4.2-sun.x11-beta.tar.Z
> on ftp host geom.umn.edu.
> Mark Phillips

     Thanks Mark . I have taken the above file and our systems people have
placed it under /usr/local.
    I admit that I am at an early stage in my comprehension
of what Geomview will do for us . We simply want to view 2D/3D FE MEshes
produced by our code , together with zooming , rotations , aninmation 
, display contour fill for physical quatities ( eg. Stresses , Displacements)

    It is vitally important to know the answers to the following :
        Does Geomview require an INPUT file with all the attributes 
( topologies etc.) of the mesh to have been written by us ?? Where do we
find a definition of this file ? Then can we perform those operations cited 
above ??

   Alternatively can we call Geomview modules directly from our ( Fortran) 
 FE code ?  ( eg. display a polygon - fill it - hide it etc .etc. )  

             With thanks,    George

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